Super 10

  • Grip or non
  • Ring Colour
  • Greenmaster Bowls Colours
  • Logo Colour
  • Bowls Logos
  • Greenmaster Bowls Size

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  • The Super 10 bowl is based on the much sought after series 10 premier model.
    It brakes further down the green than the premier with a kind finish to the head on the draw shot. 

Specifications for Super 10

Grip or non Halfpipe or Plain
Ring Colour Ring Colour: White or Ring Colour: Red or Ring Colour: Black or Ring Colour: Dark Green or Ring Colour: Light Green or Ring Colour: Orange or Ring Colour: Pink or Ring Colour: Yellow or Ring Colour: Dark Blue or Ring Colour: Gold or Ring Colour: Mid Blue or Ring Colour: Sky Blue or Ring Colour: Turquoise
Greenmaster Bowls Colours Black or Blue/Mint or Blue/White or Dark Blue / Blue or Dark Blue / Magenta or Iced Lime or Indigo or Maroon/Red or Pink/White or White Steel
Logo Colour Logo Colour: White or Logo Colour: Black or Logo Colour: Dark Blue or Logo Colour: Dark Green or Logo Colour: Light Green or Logo Colour: Orange or Logo Colour: Pink or Logo Colour: Purple or Logo Colour: Red or Logo Colour: Yellow or Logo Colour: Gold or Logo Colour: Mid Blue or Logo Colour: Sky Blue or Logo Colour: Sunny Vale or Logo Colour: Turquoise
Bowls Logos 747 or Acorn or Airedale Terrier or Alsatian 1 or Alsatian 2 or Alsatian 3 or Alsatian 4 or Amap 1 or Anchor 1 or Anchor 2 or Anchor 3 or Anchor 27 or Angel 1 or Angel 2 or Angel Fish or Ant 1 or Ant 2 or Ant 3 or Anvil or Apple 1 or Apple 2 or Aquarius 1 or Archer or Aries 1 or Aries 2 or Arrow 1 or Arrow 2 or Australian Man 1 or Australian Man 2 or Award Ribbon or Award or Axe 1 or Axe 2 or Axe 3 or Axe 4 or Axe 5 or Ayers Rock or Baby 1 or Baby 2 or Blina 3 or Blue Jay Bird or Boars Head or Boat 1 or Boat 2 or Boat 3 or Boat 4 or Boat 17 or Bomber Plane 1 or Bomber Plane 2 or Bone or Boomerang or Boots or Bow and Arrow or Bowler 1 or Bowler 2 or Bowler 3 or Bowler 4 or Bowler 6 or Bowler Lady or Bad Boy or Badger or Badminton or Bagpipes or Ballerina 7 or Ballerina or Bang or Banjo or Bannana 1 or Bannana 2 or Barbell or Barn Owl or Barramundi Fish or Baseball 1 or Baseball 2 or Basset Hound or Bat 1 or Bat 2 or Beach Hut or Beagle Dog 1 or Beagle Dog 2 or Bear 1 or Bear 2 or Bear 3 or Bear 4 or Bear 5 or Bear Bowler or Beaver 1 or Beaver 2 or Bedlington Dog or Bee 2 or Bee or Beehive or Beer Mug or Beetle 1 or Beetle 2 or Beetle Car or Bell 1 or Bell 2 or Bell 3 or Bhudda 2 or Bhudda 3 or Bhudda or Bi Plane or Bird 1 or Bird 2 or Bird 3 or Bird 4 or Bird 5 or Bird 16 or Bird Box or Birds 7 or Birds Heads or Bishop or Bison or Black Bird or Black Widow Spider or Boxer Dog or Boxer or Boxing or Bridge 1 or Bridge 2 or Bucket or Budgie 2 or Budgie or Buffalo 2 or Buffalo or Bugle or Bull 1 or Bull 2 or Bull 3 or Bull 4 or Bull 5 or Bull Ant or Bull Frog or Bulldog 1 or Bulldog 2 or Bulldog 3 or Bulldog 4 or Bulldog 6 or Bulldozer or Bullet or Bullseye or Bunny 1 or Bus 1 or Bus 2 or Bus 3 or Bust Man or Bust Woman or Butterfly 1 or Butterfly 2 or Butterfly 3 or Butterfy or Cairn Terrier Dog or Camel 1 or Camel 2 or Camera or Cancer or Candle 1 or Candle 2 or Cannon 1 or Cannon 2 or Cannon 3 or Capricorn or Car 1 or Car 2 or Car 3 or Car 4 or Car 5 or Car 6 or Car Tyre or Caravan or Card 3 or Card Suit Aces or Card Suit Diamond 1 or Card Suit Flush or Card Suit Heart 1 or Card Suit Kings or Card Suit Spade 1 or Card Suit Spade 2 or Carrot or Castle 1 or Castle 2 or Cat 2 or Cat 3 or Cat 4 or Cat 5 or Cat 26 or Catfish or Cattle Dog or Ccocker Spaniel Dog or Cheetah 1 or Cheetah or Chef or Chess Piece 1 or Chick and Egg or Church or Claymore Sword 1 or Claymore Sword 2 or Clock Face or Clock or Cloud or Clover 4 Leaf or Clown Fish or Clown or Cobra Snake 1 or Cobra Snake 2 or Cockatoo Bird 1 or Cockatoo Bird 2 or Cocker Spaniel 1 or Cocker Spaniel 2 or Cocker Spaniel 3 or Cocktail Drink or Cod Fish 1 or Cod Fish 2 or Collie Dog or Comet or Compass or Computer or Concord Plane or Corgi Dog or Cottage or Cowboy 1 or Cowboy 2 or Coy Carp Fish or Crab 1 or Crab 2 or Cray Fish or Crest 17 or Crest 80 or Crest 98 or Cricket Bats or Cricket Insect or Cricketer or Crimson Ladies or Croc 10 or Crocodile 2 or Crocodile 3 or Crocodile 4 or Crocodile 5 or Croquet or Cross or Crow Bird or Crown 2 or Crown and Sword or Cupid 1 or Curling or Cyclist or Dachshund Dog or Daisy Flower or Dalmatian Dog or Dancer or Dart or Darts Player or Design 1 or Design 2 or Design 3 or Design 4 or Design 6 or Design 7 or Design 8 or Design 9 or Design 10 or Design 11 or Design 14 or Design 16 or Design 17 or Design 19 or Design 21 or Design 22 or Devil 1 or Diamond 2 or Diamond or Dice or Digger or Dinosaur 1 or Dinosaur 2 or Diver 1 or Diver 2 or Diver 3 or Doberman Dog or Dog House or Dog Sleeping or Dolphin 2 or Dolphin or Domino 2 or Domino or Donkey or Dove 1 or Dove 2 or Dove 3 or Dragon 3 or Dragon or Dragonfly or Drum or Duck 1 or Duck 2 or Duck 3 or E7 or Eagle 1 or Eagle 2 or Eagle 3 or Eagle 4 or Eagle 60 or Eiffel Tower or Elephant 1 or Elephant 2 or Elephant 3 or Elephant Head or Elk Head or Emu 1 or Emu 2 or England Flag or Etar 41 or Fairy 1 or Falcon or Fat Man or Fawn 1 or Fawn 2 or Fawn or Feathers Royal or Fern 1 or Fern 2 or Ferret or Fez Hat or Fire Engine 1 or Fire Engine 2 or Firemans Helmet or Fish 1 or Fish 2 or Fish 3 or Fish 4 or Fisherman or Flamingo or Flower 1 or Flower 16 or Flower 5 or Flower 6 or flower 8 or fly or Football Player or Football or Footprint or Forklift or Four Squares or Fox Face or Fox or Francis Drake or Frangipani Flower or Freesia Flower or Friesland Cow or Frog 1 or Frog 2 or Fuscia Flower or Gaelic 2 or Gemini Star Sign or Geometrical 6 or Geometrical 1 or Geometrical 10 or Geometrical 11 or Geometrical 12 or Geometrical 13 or Geometrical 14 or Geometrical 15 or Geometrical 2 or Geometrical 20 or Geometrical 21 or Geometrical 22 or Geometrical 23 or Geometrical 24 or Geometrical 25 or Geometrical 26 or Geometrical 3 or Geometrical 33 or Geometrical 34 or Geometrical 5 or Geometrical 7 or Geometrical 8 or Geometrical 9 or Giraffe 1 or GM 282 or Gnome or Goat or Goats Head or Golden Retreiver or Golfer Lady or Golfer or Goose 1 or Goose 2 or Gorilla or Grain or Grapes or Great Dane Dog or Greek Flag or Greyhound 2 or Greyhound or Grim Reaper or Guards Head or Guitar or Gun 1 or Gun 2 or Half Rest Note or Hammer 1 or Hammer 6 or Hand 2 or Hand or Handcuffs or Handshake or Harp or Harrier Plane or Hawk 1 or Hawk 2 or Hawk 3 or Heart 2 or Heart 3 or Heart or Heather or Hedgehog or Helicopter or Helmet or Hen or Heron or Highland Dancer or Hippo 1 or Hippo 2 or Hippo 3 or Hockey Sticks or Horse 1 or Horse 2 or Horse 21 or Horse 4 or Horse 5 or Horse 6 or Horse 7 or Horse Shoe 2 or Horse Shoe 3 or Horse Shoe or Horseshoe 4 or Humming Bird or Hunter 2 or Hunter or Husky Dog 2 or Ibex or Ice Cream Cone or Ice Curler or Ice Skates or Indian Chief or Indian Tomahawk or Irish Man or Island or Isle of Man or Jack russell Dog or Jaguar or Jamaica Flag or Jockeys Cap Whip or Joker or Junkett Boat or Kangaroo 2 or Kangaroo 3 or Kangaroo 4 or Kangaroo or Kayak or Kelpie Dog or Kestrel 2 or Kestrel or Key 1 or Key 2 or Killer Whale or King Charles Dog or Kingfisher Bird 2 or Kingfisher Bird or kings Head or Kite or Kiwi or Knight 2 or Knight or Koala 1 or Koala 2 or Koala 3 or Koala 5 or Kookaburra Bird 1 or Kookaburra Bird 2 or Labrador 2 or Labrador Dog 1 or Lady Godiva or Ladybird or Lama or Lamb or Lancaster Plane or Lark Bird or Lawnmower or Leak or Leo Star sign or Leopard Face or Leopard or Leprechaun or Liberty Bell or Libra Star Sign or light Bulb or Lighthouse or Lightning Bolt or Lily Flower or Lion 1 or Lion 2 or Lion 24 or Lion 35 or Lion 4 or Lion 6 or Lion 7 or Lion 8 or Lion 9 or lips or Lizard 2 or Lizard 3 or Lizard 5 or Lizard 6 or Lobster or Loch Ness Monster or Locust or logo 1 or Logo 10 or Logo 11 or Logo 13 or Logo 14 or Logo 15 or Logo 16 or Logo 17 or logo 18 or Logo 2 or Logo 20 or Logo 21 or Logo 22 or Logo 24 or Logo 25 or Logo 26 or Logo 4 or Logo 6 or logo 7 or Logo 706 or Logo 741 or Logo 764 or Logo 800 or Logo 802 or Logo 803 or Logo 805 or Logo 814 or Logo 815 or Logo 9 or Mad Cow or Mad Man or Magpie Bird 1 or Magpie Bird 2 or Mallet or Maltese Dog or Marigold Flower or Marlin Fish or Mask 1 or Mask 2 or Masks or Masonic sign or Medical Symbol or Meercat 2 or Meercat or Mermaid or Mini Car or Money Bag or Monkey 1 or Monkey or Moon or Moose Head or Mortar Board or Motorcycle 2 or Motorcycle 3 or Motorcycle or Mountie or Mouse 2 or Mouse 3 or Mug 4 or Mug or Mushrooms or N Ireland Flag or Nuclear Sign or Nuts or Octopus or Opera House or Orange or Orchid Flower or Ostrich or Otter or Owl 1 or Owl 2 or Owl 3 or Owl 5 or Padlock 1 or Padlock 2 or Paint Brush 1 or Paint Brush 2 or Painter or Palm Tree or Panda or Pansy Flower or Panther 1 or Parrot 1 or Parrot 2 or Parrot 3 or Paw Print or Pegasus or Pelican 1 or Pelican 2 or Penguin 1 or Penguin 2 or Penny Farthing Bike or Pentagon star or Pheasant Bird or Phoenix 5 or Piano or Pie or Pig 1 or Pig 2 or Pig 3 or Pike Fish or Pineapple or Pint or Pints or Pipe or Piranha Fish or Pirate 2 or Pirate Ship or Pirate or Pisces Star Sign or Plane B52 or Plane F16 or Plant 2 or Platypus 1 or Platypus 2 or Platypus 3 or Platypus 4 or Platypus 5 or Platypus 7 or Platypus 8 or Pointer Dog or Polar Bear 2 or Polar Bear or Pole Dancer or Police Helmet or Policeman or Pony or Poodle Dog 1 or Poodle Dog 2 or Possum 1 or Possum 2 or Puffin Bird or Pug Dog or Pumpkin or Puppy 3 or Rabbie Burns or Rabbit 1 or Rabbit 2 or Rabbit 3 or Rabbit 4 or Rabbit 5 or Racehorse 1 or Racehorse 2 or Racehorse 3 or Racing Car 2 or Racing Car 3 or Racing Car F1 or Ram 2 or Ram 4 or RamHD or Rampan16 or Rampant 2 or Rampant 3 or Rampant 5 or Rampant 7 or Rampant Flag 2 or Rampant Flag or Rampant or Rams Head 1 or Rams Head 2 or Rat or Rcard or Redback Spider or Retreiver Dog or Rhino or Rickshaw or Rifles or Robin Bird or robin Hood or Rocking Horse or Roman 1 or Roman 2 or Rooster 2 or Rooster or Rose 1 or Rose 2 or Rose 3 or Rose 4 or Rose 5 or Rose Lancashire or Rose Yorkshire or Rottweiler or Rugby Ball or Rugby Player or Sagitarius Star Sign or Sail Board or Salmon or Samoyed Dog or Santa 1 or Santa 2 or Satin Bower Bird or Saturn or Saw and Hammer or Saxaphone or Scales 3 or Scissors or Scorpio Star Sign or Scorpion 1 or Scorpion 2 or Scorpion 5 or Scottish Flag 1 or Scottish Flag 2 or Scottish Piper 1 or Scottish Piper 2 or Scottish Shield or Scotty Dog Face or Scotty Dog or Scout Symbol or Screw or Seagull or Seahorse or Seal 1 or Seal 2 or Serpent or Sewing machine or Shamrock or Shape 1 or Shark 1 or Shark 2 or Shark 3 or Shark 4 or Shark 5 or Sheep 1 or Sheep 2 or Sheep Dog or Shell or Sherlock or Shield 1 or Shield 2 or Shield 3 or Shield 4 or Shield 5 or Shield 6 or Shield 7 or Shield 8 or Shield 9 or Shield 10 or Ship 5 or Shipswheel 1 or Shipswheel 3 or Shoe High Heel or Shotgun or Shovel or Skiier 2 or Skiier or Skull 1 or Skull 2 or Skunk or Snail or Snake 1 or Snake 2 or Snake or Snapper Fish or Snowboarder or Snowman or Southern Cross 2 or Southern Cross or Soviet Symbol or Spanner or Speed Boat or Speedway or Spider 3 or Spitfire Plane 1 or Springbok 1 or Springbok 2 or Springbok 3 or Squirrel 1 or Srose or Stafford Terrier or Stag 1 or Stag 2 or Star 1 or Star 2 or Star 4 or Star 33 or Star 34 or Star of David or Starfish or Statue of Liberty or Steeple or Stingray Fish or Stork 1 or Stork 2 or Strawberry or Submarine or Summo or Sun 2 or Sun 3 or Sunflower or Sunset or Swallow or Swan 1 or Swan 2 or Swan 3 or Swan 20 or Sword Fencer or Swordfish or Swords or Syringe or Tank or Taurus Star Sign or Taxi or Teapot or Tedbear2 or Teddy Bear 2 or Teddy Bear 3 or Teddy Bear 4 or Telephone or Tennis Ball or Tennis Rackets or Terrier Dog or The Saint or Thimble or Thistle 1 or Thistle 3 or Thistle 4 or Thistle 5 or Thistle or Thrush Bird or Thumbs Up or Tiger 2 or Tiger 9 or Tiger Moth Plane or Tipper Truck or Top Hat and Cane or Top Hat or Torch Flame or Torpedo or Toucan Bird 1 or Toucan Bird 2 or Tracktor or Train 1 or Train 2 or Train 3 or Tramp or Treasure Chest or Treble Cleff Note or Tree 1 or Tree 2 or Trilby Hat or Trout Fish or Trowel or Truck 1 or Truck 7 or Trumpet 1 or Trumpet 2 or Tug Boat or Tulip 5 or Tulip or Turkey Bird or Turtle 1 or Turtle 2 or Two Squares or UK Map or Umbrella 1 or Unicorn 1 or Unicorn 2 or Unicorn 3 or Union Flag or Vespa Scooter or Viking 1 or Viking 2 or Viking Head or Viking Ship or Violet Flowers or Violin or Virgo Star Sign or VKship or Vulture or Wagon or Waiter or Walrus or Wand or War Ship or Warhawk Plane or Wave or Weasel or Welder or Westie Dog or Westie Terrier Dog or Whale or Whippet Dog or Whistle or Wigwam or Wine Bottle or Wishing Well or Witch or Wolf 1 or Wolf 2 or Wombat 1 or Wombat 2 or Woodpecker Bird or Wren Bird or Yacht or Ying and Yang or Yo Yo or Zebra or 10-Pin-Bowl
Greenmaster Bowls Size size 00 or size 0 or size 1 or size 2 or size 3 or size 4 or size 5
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