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Specifications for Optima

Ring Colour Ring Colour: White or Ring Colour: Red or Ring Colour: Black or Ring Colour: Light Blue or Ring Colour: Yellow or Ring Colour: Cream
Aero Bowls Colour Aqua or Azure or Blaze or Camo or Candy or Carnival or Confetti or Cornflower or Delta or Emerald or Galaxy or Glacier or Jungle or Latte or Lava or Lime or nectarine or Maroon Red or Nugget or Onyx or Ocean or Orange Harlequin or Solarflare or Storm or Sunburst or Sunrise or Swanee or Tiffany or Twilight or Universe or White Harlquin or Bogota or Bumble or Path or Amethyst or Fruit Split or Britannia or Joker or Opal or Maroon Harlequin or Grape or Graphite or Purple Haze or Outback or Plum or Sapphire or Orbit or Matilda or Mumbai or Sharks or Shale or Demon or Mars or Snow or Killerwhale or Bemuda or Sunset or Jasper or Rust or Horizon or Stream or Bee or Trojan or Artic or Valley or Maize or Avalanche or Earthquake or Brown or Dark Blue or Red or Orange or White or Goldseam or Calypso or Fire & Ice or Turtle
Aero Standard Logo A9 Puma or A10 Deer5 or A11 Frog or A12 ram a or A12 Ram or A13 shark or A13 Shark2 or A14 eagle or A15 Bee or A17 Rabbit or A18 Pawprint or A19 Platypus2 or A21 Shark3 or A22 Shark4 or A23 Sheep2 or A24 Sheep2 or A26 Snake3 or A27 Rooster or A31 Bee2 or A32 Moose or A33 Bird or A34 Bird8 or A35 Bird11 or A36 Bird13 or A37 Bird14 or A38 Bird15 or A39 Birds or A40 Bison or A41 BlueBird or A42 Pelican or A43 Owl or A44 Pig or A45 Penguin or A46 Whaletail or A47 Wildcat or A48 wings or A49 Wolf or A50 Wolfhead or A51 Wombat or A52 Yak or A53 Stork or A54 Turtle or A55 Vulture or A56 Kookaburra or A57 Squirrel or A58 Swan or A61 Fox or A62 Hammerhead or A63 Frog or A63 Frog4 or A64 Hippo or A65 Horse or A66 Horse5 or A67 Giraffe2 or A68 Goat2 or A69 Deer or A69 Gorilla or A70 Iguana or A72 Kangaroo2 or A73 Kangaroo5 or A74 Kiwi or A76 Echidna or A77 Dolphine 2 or A78 Elephant2 or A79 Emu2 or A81 Dog7 or A82 Dove or A82 Dragon82 or A83 Dragonfly or A84 Fish or A85 Flamingo2 or A86 Eagle or A87 Eagle2 or A88 Eagle3 or A89 Eaglehead or A90 Dragonhead or A92 Cow or A93 Protea or A94 Crocs or A95 Cherries or A99 Duck or A101 Clover or A102 Dingo or A103 Dog or A104 Dog4 or A105 Dog6 or A107 Cheetah or A110 Charmeleon or A111 Cat2 or A112 Cat or A113 Cat3 or A120 Trout or A141 flower or A142 flower or A143 flower or A144 leaf or A145 fern or A146 flower or A147 flower or A148 leaves or A149 flower or A150 flower or A151 flower or A152 flower or A153 flower or A154 flower or A155 flower or A156 flower or A157 flowe or A158 flower or A159 DOVE or A160 Swan or A161 Turtle or A162 German Shepard dog or A163 Boar or A164 flower or A167 Puppy Black or A168 Ruddy Black or A170 Killer whale or A171 Poodle Black or A171 poodle or A172 magpie or A173 squid or A175 OWL or A176 Ram or A177 Barramundi or A178bull 2 or A179 bulldog or A180 Butterfly Black or A181 HUMMINGBIRD or A182 frog 3 or A183 Elephant or A184 SNAKE or A185 great white shark 2 or A185 great white shark or A186 Tas Devil-A or A187 Tas Devil-B or A188 spider or A189 eagle or A190 Toucan 3 or A191 Magpie or A192 Brahama bull or A193 RHINO or A194 TIGERS HEAD or A195 SNAKE or A196 Shetland pony or A200 greatwhite or Axxx Cheetah or B1 bullhead or bird2 or Bird3 or bird4 or bird5 or bird6 or bird9 or A180 butterfly or Bird10 or Bird12 or Bull or Bull2 or Bulldog or BullHead or Butterly3 or C1 Phantom or C2 Hulk or C3 Leprechaun or C4 eyes or C5 Fireman logo or C6 PEANUTS or C7 unicorn or C8 bulldog or C9 cow or C10 Happy beaver or C11 - Freddov3 or C12 cookie monster or C13 cartoon plane or C13 popeye or C14 Devil or C15 american indian or C16 Angry face or C16 Baseball face or C17 Wile Coyote or C18 Ghost or C19 Angry bear or C20 Felix the cat or C21 Yosemite Sam or C22 garfield or C28 Winnie the poo or C29 Coytoe Help or C30 Coyote Aero or C31 Snake cartoon or C32 Jaguar or C33 Angry Bird 1 or C34 Angry Bird 2 or C35 Angry Bird 3 or C36 DOG-1 or C37 DOG-2 or C38 DOG-3 or C39 Dog-4 or C40 Dog-5 Goofy or C41 Dog-6 Snoopy or C42 Dog-7 or C43 Dog-8 or C44 Dog-9 or C45 Pluto or C46 Scooby-doo or C47 Muttley or C48 Tweety Bird or C49 Willy or C50 Mario or C51 Astro boy or C52 Pop Eye or C53 Potato head or C54 Winged Horse or C55 Duck Cartoon or C56 Bomb or C57 Snoopy or C58 hellokitty or Cassowary Black or Cat2 Black or Cat4 Black or Cherryblossom Black or Clover Black or Clownfish Black or Cobra Black or Cockatoo Black or Crab Black or Croc Black or Croc3 Black or Cub Black or Deer 1 Black or Deer 2 Black or Deer 3 Black or Deer 4 Black or Deer6 Black or Dog2 Black or Dog3 Black or Dog5 Black or Donkey Black or Dophin Black or Dragon Black or Dragon4 Black or Dragon5 Black or Dragon6 Black or Dragon7 Black or Dragon8 Black or Eagle Black or Elephant Black or Elephant5 or Emu or F1 New Zealand or F2 Aus Flag or F3 Australia or F4 Union Jack or F5 Sthrncross or F6 Australian Army or F7 Bagpipes or F8 Eureka Flag or F9 Northern Ireland or F10 Scot Flag or F11 NZ Flag or F12 Western Australia or F13 NZ Fern or F14 Maple leaf-1 or F15 Maple leaf-2 or F16 Maple leaf-3 or F17 Maple Leaf-4 or Fa1 West ham or Fa2 Liverpool football club or Fa3 Man United or FA4 Arsenal or Fa5 Arsenal 2 or Fa6 Chelsea FC or Feather or Fern or Flamingo or Donkey2 or Flower2 or Flower3 or Flowers or FrilledNeck or Frog or Frog2 or Frog3 or Gheko or Giraffe or goat or Gorilla2 or Griffin or Gull or gull2 or gulls or hammerHead logo or Hedgehog or heraldic2 or Heraldic3 or Heralicious or Horse 2 or Horse3 or Horse6 or humming bird or Kangaroo3 or Kangaroo5 or Kangroo or Koala or Koala2 or Koi or L1 Aero Logo or L2 AeroLogo 2 or L2 Mustang or L3 Crest Symbol or L4 apple or L5 Irish crest or L6 Rampantlion or L7 Holden or L7 Lion + Flag or L9 Ford or L10 Volvo or L11 VW Logo or L12 Ferrari or L13 Spiral or L14 Custom Lotus or L15 Yinyang or L16 Circles or L17 Star or L18 star2 or L19 Areo Logo Text or L20 Peace or L21 Flower3 or L22 Lion Symbol or l23 Sun or L24 Sun2 or L25 Jets or L27 GreyHound or L28 Manji or L29 Flowershape or L30 Anchor or L31 Welsh Feathers or L32 Welsh Shield or L33 Celtic Cross or L34 Ring or L35 Flower or L36 Celtic or L37 Petals or L38 Flower or L39 Flower or L40 Flower or L41 Flower or L42 Flower or L43 Shield or L44 Shield or L45 Flower or L46 Flower or L47 Shell or L48 Tree or L49 Ramp Lion or L50 Plant or L51 Plant or L52 Kiwi or L53 Sqiud or L54 Plant or L55 Shell or L56 Fluer or L57 Music Harp or L58 Music or L59 Treble clef or L60 Aotearoa or L60 Silver Fern or L61 Sheriff or L62 Mercedes Benz or L64 Bond 007 or L65 Chevy or L67 Coat of Arms or l68 Cricket 1 or L69 Red Bull or L70 Yamaha or L71 RAN Navy or L72 Aust Coat of Arms or L73 Crosshairs or L74 Cricket2 or L76 Mars or L77 Coat Of Arms or L78 4X Man or L79 Toxic Symbol or L80 Superman or L81 Maltese Cross or L82 Ulster Rugby or L83 Hawk bright or L84 Tooheys New or L85 Chicago Bulls or L86 Wesley Collage or L87 star shield or L88 Disco or L89 Red Devil or L90 Porsche or L91 Aero Swoosh 2 or L91 Aero Swoosh or L92 Aero2_2015 or L93 Yinyang or L94 Red Bull or L95 Scottish Lion or L95 Spiral or L97 wreath or Lion2 or Lion5 or Lion6 or Lionhead or Lizards or M Avo Lettering or M1 Heart or M2 Heart2 or M3 book or M4 Frothybeer or M5 Movie camera or M6 boxing Glove or M8 diamond or M9 ice or M11 Dice or M12 boomerang or m14 Gun or M15 Pineapple or M16 Lightbulb or M17 Ribbon or M18 Mermaid or M19 Tiki or M20 Basketball or M21 - Moet Bear or M22 Crown Logo or M23 Satellite or M24 Bell or M25 pistol or M26 Strawberry or M27 Star of David or M28 Windmill or M29 I Love Bowls or M30 $ Dollar Sign or M31 Cards10 of clubs or M32 Windmill 2 or M33 GIRL or M34 Lancer or M35 Fire helmet or M36 lightning or M37 Playing cards or M38 tool lettering or M39 Sun or M40 Facebook thumb or M41 Yoda or M45 Mobius or m46 chef drawing or M47 Fly fisherman or M48 Freezing kangaroo or M49 GIRL-2 or M50 Skull & crossbones or M51 Hammer & Wrench or M52 scales of justice or M53 Kiwi & Fern or M54 Guitar or M55 Scottish Lion or M56 Smiley face or M57 England 3 lions or M58 smiley face or M60 Man throwing spear or M61 Duck or M62 NAM 69-70 or M63 bomb or M64 38 or M65 Mud flap gir or M66 All Blacks Maori or M67 Maori Koru or M68 Koru-2 or M69 Maori Face or M69 Turtle Tattoo or M70 Devil or M71 Statue of Liberty or M72 2 sexy girls or M73 Golden Gate Bridge or M74 Crysler Bld or M75 Bear or M77 Maori symbol-3 or M78 Microscope or M79 Telescope or M80 The View or M342 LANCER or Manly or Monkey or P1 Opera House or P2 Harbour Bridge or P3 Golfer or P4 thumbsup or P5 Foot or P7 Stickman or P8 Volcano or P9 Easts Footballer or P10 thongs or P11 Julia or P12 Tony or P13 Archer or P14 Male Athlete or P15 Female Athelete or P16 - Old-miner or P17 Warrior or P18 Maori female or P19 Marilyn Monroe or P20 Cricketer or P21 Pinup Gir or Panther or Panther2 or Peacock or Pig2 or Platyupus or Prints or protea or Puma or R1 angel or R2 angel2 or R3 Grim Reaper or R4 buddah or R6 dragon or R7 dragon or R8 Dragon tattoo or R9 griffin or R10 angel or R11 dragon or R12 unicorn or R13 cupid or R14 dragon or R15 rampantlion or R16 santa or R17 fairy or R18 death or R19 Alex the Great or R20 Wizard or R21 Cross or R22 Cross or R23 Phoenix or Rabbit2 or Rat or Rhino or Rhino2 or Rose or Ru2 NZ Fern or Ru3 Springbox or Scorpion or Seahorse or Shark or Snake2 or Snakehead or Snakes or Spider or Spiderweb or Springbok (2) or Springbok or spurs 1 or Squirrel or T 34 Lamborghini or Roses or T1 Scooter or T2 Plane or T3 Plane 2 or T4 Old Car or T5 Boa or T6 Car Impala or T7 Fighter Plane or T8 Motorbike or T9 Ferrari Car or T12 BMW Car or T13 Pirate Ship or T14 Spitfire or T15 Viking Ship or T16 Kombi Van Surfboard or T17 Ute or T19 Sail Board or T20 Plane or T21 Train or T22 Harley Motorcycle or T23 Fighter Jet or T24 Helicopter or T25 Ferrari or T26 Car2 or T27 Bicycle or T28 Anchor or T29 Scooter or T30 VW Beetle or T31 Plane Above or T32 Rocket or T33 Mack Truck or T35 Mini Car or T36 Aston Martin or T37 E Type Jag or Tiger or Tiger2 or Tigerhead or Tortoise or Turtle or W2 gun or W3 Crossed Guns or W4 AK or W5 Axe2 or W6 Axes or W7 Boomerang or W8 Boxing or W9 Cuffs or W10 Drill or W11 Gun or W12 Gun2 or W13 Pistol or W14 Pistol2 or W15 Pistols or W16 Rifles Muskets or W17 Crossed Pistols or W18 Crossed Swords or Whale or Z1 Aquarius or Z2 Pisces or Z3 Aries or Z4 Taurus or Z5 Gemini or Z6 Cancer or Z7 Leo or z8 Virgo or Z9 Libra or Z10 Scorpio or Z11 Capricon or Z11 Sagittarius or A1 Seal or A4 Bat or A8 Bear or A5 Trout or A2 Boxing Kangaroo
Aero Grip Z-Scoop or Zig-Zag or Plain or Dentations
Logo Colour Logo Colour: White or Logo Colour: Black or Logo Colour: Light Blue or Logo Colour: Red or Logo Colour: Yellow or Logo Colour: Cream
Optima Bowls Size Size 00 or Size 0 or Size 0.5 or Size 1 or Size 1.5 or Size 2 or Size 2.5 or Size 3 or Size 3.5 or Size 4 or Size 4.5 or Size 5
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